Call for paper: Symposium on Tunnelling in Mediterranean Region

Dear colleagues,

we are honoured to invite all interested authors *to submit their paper* (templates attached) with regard to the Symposium on Tunnelling in Mediterranean Region//(MediTunnel 2013)//that will be held on May 7-8 2013in Poreč.

The welcomed articles are by the following topics:

* /1. urban planning near the coast/
* /2. project development using underground/
* /3. risk estimation and fesibility studies of new projects/
* /4. design and analysis/
* /5. construction methods in different geology/
* /6. mechanical and electrical equipment/
* /7. immersed tubes toward islands/

Please, if you aren’t interested personally, please be so kind to
forward to anyone who might be interested in.

The Symposium provides an opportunity to gain a knowledge on recent
developments, technologies and interesting projects, share and discuss
information and ideas with eminent experts.
Visit us at
and find out more how to join us there.

Thank you very much on the behalf of the Organizing Committee!

Sincerely yours,

Sanela Kovacevic, mag.oec.

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